About Us

staff1Andra Moore, Owner

Over the years Andra has had many dogs that loved to swim and, like most people, would take them to the river.  She often visualized being able to offer an alternative to the river environment where people could bring their dogs to enjoy swimming.  In late summer of 2013, K9 Water World came into being. Beginning in the late spring or early summer of 2014 look for all kinds of fun events and activities for you and your dog, such as dock jumping, racing competitions, and more!

Andra is also the owner of Pets and Moore (located adjacent to K9 Water World). She and her staff  have been grooming and boarding pets in San Marcos TX for nearly 21 years. Pets and Moore has been a member of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce  since 1993 and the Better Business Bureau since 2007.    At a young age, Andra rescued cats, dogs, and even a horse, providing homes for them and developing what was to become an enduring love for animals of all types. She worked as a  veterinarian technician throughout high school and college. She attended Texas State University, where she received a B.S. in Animal Science.

Andra supports other area pet organizations, such as P.A.L.S. and the San Marcos Animal Shelter, helping in any way she can to accelerate the adoption of their animals.

Meghan Luna, Assistant/Lifeguard

Meghan is a CPR Certified Lifeguard. She assists Andra with exercising dogs that are boarding in the kennel and helps to maintain the sanitation of the pool. When spring/summer arrive, she will be involved in arranging events and competitions.


Judy DeArmon is a groomer at Pets and Moore and is always available to help whenever she is needed.

Anita Long is a teacher and often helps with behind the scenes activities, such as maintaining the pool and helping out at the kennel.

Brenda Sprinkle is a psychologist who helps wherever needed on weekends and holidays.

All the helpers share a great love of dogs and enjoy being able to work and play with them.