1 Dog and 1 Person

We have a flat rate of $30 per hour that includes use of the pool/deck by both dogs and people, and will be pro-rated by the minute.  Once you have made an appointment, you will go check in at the Pets and Moore office next door, and you will then punch a time clock. When you have finished at the pool, you will punch the time clock again to end the time period.

Additional People & Dogs

The first person and dog is included in the hourly rate of $30 as described above.

Each additional person is $5, and each additional dog is $5, up to a total of 4 people and 4 dogs.

Sample Rates for 1 dog/1 person:

10 minutes = $5

20 minutes = $10

23 minutes = $11.50

30 minutes = $15

If 1 person and 1 dog swim for 20 minutes, the total will be $10. If 3 people and 3 dogs swim for 20 minutes, it will be $10 more for the 2 additional people and $10 extra for the 2 additional dogs, so we will add $20, for a total of $30.

Future events and competitions will be priced differently and will be posted on our website.

If you have any questions about our rates, please feel free to call our office at Pets and Moore at (512) 754-7387.